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Beach day with my playful coin bracelet

at the beach in orange shorts and a gold coin brACELET

       And just like that I was at the beach! My daughter called to invite me to the beach   
       on a sunny Sunday afternoon...

       I was super busy working and feeling behind. But at the sound of her voice
       I knew it was meant to be. Ocean breezes, soft sand and time with my best girl?!

       In the meantime I had been resizing this bracelet and forgot to take it off!
       It' my Around the World Coin bracelet.

       And so glad I wore it! Catching the sun while dancing around my wrist those
       gold coins were having some fun I tell ya.

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Silver & Gold mixed metal bracelet stack

silver cuffs with gold coin bracelet on arm

Just like that song from girlscouts - make new friends but
keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. I think that makes this a best friends bracelet stack!

Sterling silver uniquley patterned cuff bands keep company with a chunky gold coin bracelet. The coins
are real and come from all over the world. They are little pieces of history and art. 
What a conversation piece!

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What do great coffee and great jewelry have in common?

holding coffee & wearing chunky coin bracelet

Both of them - a really great cup of coffee and artisan jewelry are NOT a result of chance! They are well
thought out and carefully carefully crafted until it was just right. 

Believe you me I have had some nasty tasting bitter coffee. The kind that just leaves you with
bad breath and no enjoyment. And the same goes for cheap jewelry that is mass produced. It may
be satisfying for a moment but don't count on it to last!

This bracelet is made with beautifully designed coins from all over the world and all through the
years. These little tokens of art and history have so much character. This pieces will leave you feeling
connected to your brothers and sisters from foreign lands.

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Connect to peace with an Around the World bracelet

coin charm bracelet by glass that says peace

Ahhh the World peace connection would be a dream come true. How can we inspire
peace and change around the world?

For me it starts with compassion and living from a place of love.
We are all human beings that want to be happy, feel seen and heard. No matter where we live
and what culture we come from.
When I look at and study the coins from this bracelet or any of my coin jewelry
I think about all the hands that have touched them. And whst their lives are like.
In doing so a feeling of peace washes over me. Let those quiet moments and
still thoughts live in our hearts long after. 
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Chocolate and coin jewelry from foreign land

coin bracelet on hand holding chocolate

            Yup I'm a choco-holic, no doubt about it! I recently discovered this Chocolate
            Mexicano samper of chocolate shaped discs. I'm talking stone ground
            chocolate with true grit.

            Taza Chocolate is handmade in Maryland but uses Mexicano
            spices - chipotle chili and guajillo chili. The sampler includes 8 bold flavors
            that range from spicy to sweet to savory. Yummm!

             Enjoying Mexicano chocolate while wearing my coin bracelet with coins from 
             foreign lands was meant to be.

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