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A little blue and a little red with jewelry

model wearing blue print top with red necklace
Wearing blue and red together sure makes a pop. This 
necklace includes bloth of those colors. The light blue
is turquoise and dark blue is lapis. Shown here are 2
necklaces being worn because, why not?! 
The simple colors of this necklace also work well
with patterned tops. They both make each other better!
And lets notforgete about those earrings you see. 
Those little chips of blue lapis are the perfect compliment
to this necklace and colors! How bout that?! Gotta have
earrings that work too.


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A necklace brimming with fun bright energy

red crystal necklaces with plants

Red, yellow and those blues make this necklace full of life.
Its small but mighty. Cute as can be with a tee shirt and 
blue jean jacket. Summer dress. Denim dress! You name it.
Let this bright necklace bring some peppy energy to your day.
Need a big boost of peppy energy? wear several of
these necklaces together! 

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