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Does this necklace style speak to you?!

silver turquoise funky artisan charm necklace

This necklace sure speaks to me! I mean I made it of course.
But I do love asymmetrical, unexpected design. Not always so
predictable. This piece was custom and my client gave me
free reign to design. And here is the outcome. 
So if you want a necklace like this or something special
created to have you doing a happy dance shoot me an email.

I'd love to design for YOU!!


Treat yourself to a custom necklace like Alice did

silver turquoise necklace on model
We should all be like Alice and treat yourself once in awhile.
Alice is sporting her new custom necklace that I absolutley
loveddesigning and making for her. I know her style
so well that at this point she now just lets me create freely.
I have matched and made custom jewelry for new outfits, 
weddings, girls trips, anniversarys, memorials and new babies.

But Im here to remind that sometimes it just feels good to 
treat yourself to something fun, pretty or special. YOU 
truly do deserve it.

You can see more of Alices necklace here!