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New mom gifts - unique sterling charm necklaces

sterling mom charm necklaces on red leather 7 denim

Custom ordered for her 2 daughters that are now new moms!

Leslie wanted something unique that included:

-a sterling charm to celebrate being a  mom

-sterling initial charm for each babe (and future babes to come)

-a Swarovski crystal to represent each babe (and yes, for future babes to come)

-a sterling cross

This unique assymetrical necklace with mixed chain offers room for a growing family. Plus serves
as a long lasting keepsake that she'll treasure forever and ever.

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The coolest personalized Mom necklace

mixed metal mom necklace

A long, casual, sturdy Mom necklace that can be personalized with all your favorite names.

This versatile mixed metal piece can be doubled up or worn long.
It's sturdy enough to be touched by busy hands.


This necklace can be tiered for Grandma and Great grandma.


A long lasting keepsake that she will really wear!

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