Cute casual artisan jewelry for Mother's Day


bronze artisan jewelry& pink tulips

My small capsule collection of Mothers Day jewelry is here! Here to
celebrate the Mom or Grandmother (or you) in your life. If that
person (or you) is a lover of handcrafted meaningful jewelry then
you're in the right place! Starting with the my simple, modern,
easy to wear Tribe necklace has a minimalist style that can be worn 
with just about anything. Plain or patterned, it worlks!
Each hanging ring represents a member of your family or tribe.
So it's not just a pretty necklace. 

Hell yes you'll need a new pair of complimentary earrings. Why not?!
Everyone loves receiving a new pair to wear. My Wheely earrings
are so cute and made in bronze as well. These earings are not to
short and not to long. A no brainer in my opinion.

And how about a personalized bracelet to make it extra meaningful.
I call it the My Rock bracelet. You can choose the term of endearment
that you like best. Plus I have more add on options. I can see this entire
set being worn without it looking to matchy matchy. Instead this reads
casul, cool artsian style for everyday living!

Browse My Tribe necklace here

Browse wheely earrings here

Browse My Rock bracelet here

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