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Super Sweet Artisan Heart Necklace

organic silver heart necklace

Super sweet. Super cute. Super artsy. Thats this necklace!
Artisan made means it has soul, originality and character.
I cut out each heart indiviually. Each one is even textured slightly
different. No two are alike, which is my favorite. Somehow
this heart is both big and little. I don't know how that is, but it just is!
A handcrafted heart makes a really special gift for the heart lovers
in your life (maybe its you, ey?!). Click below for more necklace details.

Browse the Big Little Heart Necklace in Silver

Browse the Big Little Heart Necklace in Gold

A gold heart necklace hiding in a plant


textured gold heart necklace with plants

If only all plants had gold heart necklaces hiding amoungst the leaves
what a fun find that would be! I would be growing crops
of them if there were true. But I do love photographing
jewelry with plants. I'm a big fan of both things!

I offer this heart necklace in 3 metals with varying
price ranges. Browse what appeals to you!

Big Little Heart necklace in Gold

Big Little Heat Necklace in Silver


Happy Heart Necklaces for everyday


silver & gold heart necklaces

Handcrafted heart necklaces in silver or gold for everyday.
These necklaces are super cute with tee shirts but darling
with a dresses too. Being handcrafted you'll be standing out 
from all those machine made hearts. These heart necklaces 
are known to sprinkle happiness too. So don't be suprised
if you feel a little extra smiley when wearing!

Browse my Big Little Heart Necklace in silver here

Browse my Big Little Heart Necklace in gold here