Blog posts of '2022' 'April'

Springtime simplicity with artisan bracelets & turquoise earrings

silver cuffs & turquoise hoop earrings on display

Hello there Springtime. I like you. Breezes, flowers and
lighter clothing in fresh colors. I've got a simple set of silver
stacking cuffs and turquoise earrings to go with your fresh tops,
dresses, skirt & pants.

Cuff are simple ans so easy to wear.
Silver cuffs are down for any ocassion, any time,
any where! They could easily become everyday regulars for your wrist.
Turquoise earrings just speak for themselves. I mean who doesn't
love turquoise earrings?! With a hoop and a stick these
earrings are just so arty and cute.Swingy and light.

Whether your going to lunch, a business meeting, zoom call
or chasing butterflies (haha) these cuff bracelets and 
earrings are ready and waiting.

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Clean Slate Cuff

My Tribe Cuff

Sealed with a Kiss Cuff

Bear Hugs Cuff

XOX cuff

Oh My Soul Cuff


Sexy jewelry for special occasions


fancy layered crystal necklace & long earrings on wood with fabric

Every now and again we get have the opportunity to get
decked out in beautiful dresses that demand a feminine necklace
and flirty earrings. It might be an extravagant wedding, 
a formal charity event, or just a romantic evening. Jewelry like this
can even turn your little black dress into somthing more 
Imagine these crazy long shoulder duster earrings grazing,
swirling, and almost tickling your shoulders. Earrings that 
put you in a devil may care mood!

Browse my Dancing Queen Necklace & Earring set

Cute earrings that make messy hair look good

silver hoop earrings on female

Cute earrings are the answer to many things! Messy hair?
Slip on earrings that add to that devil may care style.
Hair pulled back tight? Cute earrings turn it into a 
something sleek. Super short hair? Let these cute earrings
show off! Cute outfit? You definitley need cute earrings.
They are like puntuation at the end of a sentence.

Browse my very cute, World of Good earrings here

Yes, you can wear a lacey camisole with a chunky chain necklace

long silver chain necklace with lacey top
Opposites clearly attract! My long chunky silver 
Chain Reaction necklace is hearty and statement making. 
AND it looks great with this very feminine camisole. You might
of been thinking that you could only wear a tiny little chain
and stone necklace. And you most certainly could. By wearing
the opposite its a lot more unusual. Intereseting. Eye catching.
Just go for it! 

Browse my Chain Reaction necklace here for more detail.
You can see more ways that this chain can be worn!

An airy necklace for Spring (or any season)

wearing big silver open circle necklace

When Springtime comes it brings feelings
of sunshine, greenery and newness. Light and airy.
Just like my big silver circle necklace. Not to heavy
but big enough to make a Spring statement to any
of and lighter clothing. This piece adds a lot of character to
simple dresses, tops. Add this to your little black dress
for an eveing out and you'll be looking fly!

Browse my Karma necklace here for more details

If you love blue violet gemstones - check out this necklace!

blue-violet gemstone necklace on burlap
Yes if yoou are lover and fan of blue-violet gemstones
then my Out of the Blue necklace is for YOU! Lets start with
the color blue. it is said that blue evokes feelings of calmness.
And even spirituality. In color psychology violet is viewed as
elegant and sophisticated. Now lets move on to the gemstone
used here. It's called iolite. The name iolite comes from ios,
the Greek word for violet. 
In gemstone world iolite is is known for improving your
imagination and creativity. Thats a lot of good stuff all
packed into one layered necklace!

For more details browse my Out of the Blue necklace here