A meaningful & unique birthday necklace

Birthstone coin necklace on wood

The seqarch for a meaningful birthday gift or necklace
can sometimes be a challenge? You want it to be special and something
brand new. Something you feel certain she doesn't already own..
I've hear you! Let me tell about this "gem" and give you something
to think about the next you are on the hunt for just the right gift.

The necklace shown here is for a 6o)th birthday.  There are exactly six
freshwwater pearls to honor each decade.This gal has roots
in Poland so i inclued an old artys looking 1984 Polish Coin.
And with February birthday that means purple amethyst is
her birthstone. You can see thos within this sweet necklace design.

I have old coind galore and absolutley love using them in 
my jewelry designs. I'd love to make one for you.
Shoot me an email to let me know what coin you might like to see!


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