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Paperclip chain coin necklace with a patterned top

model in plaid shirt with gold coin cluster necklac

This coin cluster necklace is jingly jangly fun plus
its great to pair with any of your busy patterned clothing.
It doesn't join the business of a top but rather compliments
it. Each piece seems to compliment the other. That a good match.

So Spring or Fall, Winter or Summer this coin necklace will be
great with any of your patterns and style for the season. A timeless
staple for your jewelry box!

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Yes you can wear a neck scarf with a necklace

wearing scarf with coin cluster necklace

Absolutley you can wear a scarf around your neck and still
show off a cool necklace. The scarf can keep your neck
warm and colorful while the necklace gets a lot of attention! They actually compliment
each other. So try it! Its a great combo.

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