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Getting all the flower feels with a necklace

female wearing metal flower leather chain necklace
              Mari's family treated her to this flower necklace .
              Mari says she gets loads of compliments everytime
              she wears which is music to my ears!
              If you are flower fanatic or a gardner this
              necklace might becalling your name. Or the next gift to buy!
              the flowers will never wilt. Just an ocassional polish will do.

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Colorful clothes and necklace for a pick me up!

colorful top with colorful gemstone necklace

Feeling sluggish? How about wearing something cheerful?
It works for me! Here is a great blend of colors from both the
necklace and this tye die, floral top. Give it try and see how you 
feel. Act as if, as they say, and see what happens.

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Summer fresh with cut flowers and a pearl necklace.

asymmetrical white pearl gold chain necklace with white flowers
White flowers and a sweet white pearl necklace definitley
has all the feels of fresh, clean and Summer! Think about soft
white tops
with an airy necklace on those warmer days.

Or, slip on a simple Summer dress with this pretty
pearl necklace. Then go treat yourself to flowers . Don't forget
about your own yard or
garden. Or a Farmers Market. 
Next up for me would be icecream!  A chocolate malt or vanilla
cone, feel fresh and clean too, right?! 

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The perfect necklace for a turtleneck

long necklace with turtleneck

Why is this necklace perfct for a turtleneck sweater?
Because its long and adjustable. This necklace could just as
easily been worn up top just under the turtleneck fold.
Or midway down. How practical and not to mention, fun is that?
All black really makes a nice background for a necklace too. 
This was a custom piece for a special gift.

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