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A pearl necklace with a story!


white pearl gold chain necklace being worn

And what a story it is! I made this necklace for a new book author who wrote
Between Thougfhts of You which is what I named this necklace!
This is what Laura Roe (as seen in photo) had to say.

"I believe we meet for a reason. When I listen to seemingly random ideas
that pop into my mind - esp when giving specific direction no one else has suggested
- I am guided to a synchronizing event that inspires - or to a person
who becomes dear to me.

Here’s an example: In November I attended a jewelry show when my budget
post cancer surgery & car repair, didn’t allow for spending on myself - but still I went.
As I walked around the gorgeous offerings an idea popped into my mind.

Ask Janice - jDavisCollection to make me a necklace like the one the protagonist
in my novel Between Thoughts of You was given by her husband when she was trying
to get pregnant & then while she carried their daughter : a simple pearl on a thin gold chain
at the nape of her neck.

See, I had recently signed my dream agent @mrslentilsoup & I had just pulled
this novel from a lengthy process of self publishing. I was trying to birth a new baby
- to bring this book into the world via a traditional publisher. 
The day Janice called in early Dec for me to pick up this simple,
yet elegant holiday gift for myself - my agent @mrslentilsoup also called
to say a publisher was interested!

So on a warm Calif night near the Redondo Beach harbor where Janice
was in yet another jewelry show, I put this necklace on for the first time.
As I looked in the mirror I told Janice why I had wanted the necklace & that
perhaps she had a little something to do with the magic that inspired a publisher
to ask for the manuscript. When Janice asked about the protagonist-
and I said her name: “Lulu” Janice’s husband popped out from behind the booth
& said “Seriously?Honey, tell Laura your nickname.” Yup, you guessed it - Lulu."


Learn more about Laura and stay up to date about her new book here


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