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When your favorites are tulips and heart bracelets

women wearing silver heart bracelet in red sweater and tulips
Leslie loves hearts, bracelets and tulips. She has all three here!
Actually she is a heart fanatic, first and foremost. My heart 
bracelet has the word 'amore' stamped along the edge of the heart.
Which is the beautiful word for love in the french language.
Just in case the heart doesn't get the point across, amore is there
for back up! Leslie syas this bracelet is part of her everyday stack.

Browse the Amore Bracelet in Sterling Silver for more info

Take a hike with laid back jewelry

wearing silver bracelet stack with blue jeans

Whether your heading out for a casual hike or a walk around the
park you don't have to be naked. Jewelry naked that is! My 
cuff bracelets and Amore Heart bracelet worn together create a casual 
aesthetic that is laid back. They can easily be worn on your afternoon
stroll or a night out with the gals or your special someone. Casual laid
back style is always comfortable.

Browse my Thats Amore Heart Bracelet here

Browse my Soulfed Stack of 3 Cuffs here



Showing off the hammer textured shine from copper jewelry

wearing a copper cuff stack & wrap ring

Hammer texturing is one of my favorites. You can see it alluring texture on my cuffs & rings shown here.
All those grooves and indentaions from the hammer strikes really catch the light. 
Plus hammered jewelry shows its authenticity and craftsmanship. That always makes a product
more special and valuable to me. 

Get details on my hammered copper cuff set here or wrap ring here.