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Showing off the hammer textured shine from copper jewelry

wearing a copper cuff stack & wrap ring

Hammer texturing is one of my favorites. You can see it alluring texture on my cuffs & rings shown here.
All those grooves and indentaions from the hammer strikes really catch the light. 
Plus hammered jewelry shows its authenticity and craftsmanship. That always makes a product
more special and valuable to me. 

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Denim on denim with copper rings

wearing denim and hammered copper rings
Sunday afternoon brought gentle porch swings, easy summer denim and copper rings. When Sundays
can truly be a day of rest, keep it simple.

Wear 2 shades of denim and ta dah your dressed done. Slide on my cool hammered wrap ring 
and coil ring for feel good art jewlery and let your swing glide you into relaxation.
Plus copper is antimicrobial. We all need more copper in our life.

Wearing copper rings and reading about how dogs go to heaven

wearing 2 handcrafted unique copper rings

When our family dog died we bought a special book to read to our kids. But the 
 title on this book - Even Bad Dogs Go to Heaven - had me laughing out loud.
One of our 3 rescue dogs fit that category. He had a very difficult time adjusting and following the rules.
Bless his heart. My kids would have loved this book when he passed.

My copper rings were on my fingers as I thumbed through this book. (Those rings like to point at things;)
This book is from Mindfulnest in Burbank, CA. Since Covid it is now called Stay Home Friend 
You can shop them online for more books, cards and artisan made gift items.

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Feeling good while sitting outside with ice tea and matching jewelry

wearing copper jewelry with ice tea

Did you know that the sun is your best source of vitamin D? When your skin is exposed
to sunlight, it makes vitamin D from cholesterol. That's something to feel good about!

While sitting there feeling the fresh air I couldn't help but notice that I had accidently coordinated
my jewelry with my ice tea. LOL! My reddish brown copper cuffs and ring are the same shade as my
favorite Paradise ice tea. Another good omen?

Sadly my favoite tea can no longer be purchased at the grocery store or online.
Unless you want to buy a massive quantity it is now only sold to restaurants. So I'm back to getting it
to-go. But my copper jewelry IS available in any quantity! And copper is an antimicrobial metal
which is another very good thing.


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Look like hot stuff wearing your copper cuff/s

wearing textured copper cuff bracelets

Pile on my skinny textured copper cuff bracelets and make a statement on your arm!
I love how they look and sound.  You can wear them all bunched together or spread them out.
Hiding down there on my hand is my very comfortable hammered copper wave ring. Even though
the metal is hammered is slides on smooth as can be.  

While I love mixing metals, sometimes I wear all the same. Copper is great metal and it also an
antimicrobial metal. That means it kills bacteria and viruses. So I encourage you to touch these
piece as much as possible!

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and here to get 
ring info

Wearing a cool painted rock & cool jewelry

copper jewelry & painted rock on hand

      Beacause why not? Whatever lights you up I say. I love these painted rocks. Seeing this one with a 
      whimisically painted golden sun that blended right in my cuffs and rings. Kind of a mixed metal look!

      This rock is from a little store in Burbank, California called Stay Home Friend. (you can shop them online) 
      They supporting local artists (me) and products made here in the USA. You'll find items with
      irreverant humor, the best cards, clever gifts and good music on its hard to leave that place. 

      After lfinally eaving I felt inspired to either start painting rocks or create a golden sun piece of jewelry!

      Until then you can click here for more info on my copper cuff set  and  ring collection


Did you know that antimicrobial metals found on brass horns, jewelry, door knobs and handles can kill bacteria ?!




variety of antimicrobial  metal objects & jewelry

That's why you need more metal in your life!
I have some good-to-know information about antimicrobial metals, what that means, how it has

helped others ...and why you NEED to be wearing and touching it as much as possible.


Lets talk Copper and its alloys Brass and Bronze.
These metals have a structural ability to kill a wide range of dangerous bacteria & viruses (microbes).

It happens quickly, sometimes within minutes.

 How does that work? Electrically charged particles (copper ions) are released when microbes
(transferred by touching, sneezing or vomiting) land on the surface. The DNA and RNA then become destroyed.

 Until 1932 when antibiotics became available, Exposure to copper was an early version of

constantly sanitizing your hands.



Read more from the US National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health



antimicrobial metal jewelry and info

Who has benefited already...

Did you know that during the cholera epidemic of 1854 and 1855 that deaths could NOT be found
among jewelers, goldsmiths, boilermaikers - all those who worked in copper. People in the army,
who played brass instruments were also protected. 

Over 100 years ago copper railings were put in New York City's Grand Central Terminal.
After checking on those rails a few years ago it was still found to be a durable, effective antimicrobial.
That's quite a testimonial!   Read more from the Smithsonian here 


Another study talks about copper and what it does to coronavirus.


What can we learn from this?

Wear and touch these metals as often a possible. If you don't play
an instrument or have door knobs and rails etc. you can always wear some antimicrobial metal jewelry!


My newest jewelry pieces were designed for touching so you can absorb as much as possible.
Weaing rings on your finger lets you touch and spin that ring.

Wearing the copper cuffs allows you to run your hands across them throughout the day.

The earrings aren't contacting your skin but you need some
complimentary earrings, right?! Plus you can reach up and slide your fingers across them too. 


To learn more details about the jewelry shown here click the link below.

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