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Showing off the hammer textured shine from copper jewelry

wearing a copper cuff stack & wrap ring

Hammer texturing is one of my favorites. You can see it alluring texture on my cuffs & rings shown here.
All those grooves and indentaions from the hammer strikes really catch the light. 
Plus hammered jewelry shows its authenticity and craftsmanship. That always makes a product
more special and valuable to me. 

Get details on my hammered copper cuff set here or wrap ring here.

Feeling good while sitting outside with ice tea and matching jewelry

wearing copper jewelry with ice tea

Did you know that the sun is your best source of vitamin D? When your skin is exposed
to sunlight, it makes vitamin D from cholesterol. That's something to feel good about!

While sitting there feeling the fresh air I couldn't help but notice that I had accidently coordinated
my jewelry with my ice tea. LOL! My reddish brown copper cuffs and ring are the same shade as my
favorite Paradise ice tea. Another good omen?

Sadly my favoite tea can no longer be purchased at the grocery store or online.
Unless you want to buy a massive quantity it is now only sold to restaurants. So I'm back to getting it
to-go. But my copper jewelry IS available in any quantity! And copper is an antimicrobial metal
which is another very good thing.


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Look like hot stuff wearing your copper cuff/s

wearing textured copper cuff bracelets

Pile on my skinny textured copper cuff bracelets and make a statement on your arm!
I love how they look and sound.  You can wear them all bunched together or spread them out.
Hiding down there on my hand is my very comfortable hammered copper wave ring. Even though
the metal is hammered is slides on smooth as can be.  

While I love mixing metals, sometimes I wear all the same. Copper is great metal and it also an
antimicrobial metal. That means it kills bacteria and viruses. So I encourage you to touch these
piece as much as possible!

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