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Wear to work rings to pretty up your fingers

rings on finger at computer

When typing away on the computer all day let your eyes feast on your favorite nail color and some
pretty rings. It's a nice diversion from all that screen time. In my case I was wearing my blue crystal ring
and copper coil ring while adding them to my website. LOL. Thats what I call test driving.

Plus these copper rings are antimicrobial. That means they kill dangerous bacteria and viruses. 
So the more you touch copper surfaces (like these rings) it like putting on hand sanitizer.


Wearing copper rings and reading about how dogs go to heaven

wearing 2 handcrafted unique copper rings

When our family dog died we bought a special book to read to our kids. But the 
 title on this book - Even Bad Dogs Go to Heaven - had me laughing out loud.
One of our 3 rescue dogs fit that category. He had a very difficult time adjusting and following the rules.
Bless his heart. My kids would have loved this book when he passed.

My copper rings were on my fingers as I thumbed through this book. (Those rings like to point at things;)
This book is from Mindfulnest in Burbank, CA. Since Covid it is now called Stay Home Friend 
You can shop them online for more books, cards and artisan made gift items.

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