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Cute earrings that show Up!

gold earrings on woman with blonde wavy hair

When you have a great pair of earrings, you want to show them off, right?!
Show how they look with your outfit or your hair style or just to feel pretty.
Cynthia has wavy curly hair and these earrings still manage to pop! 
And the best part is these earrings are so lightweight you might forget
that you wearing them!

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Stepping out with hippity, hoppity hoop earrings!

female outside side view of hoop earrings
OK, even if you don't want to hippity, hoppity, you can still
feel pretty darn good in a pair of playful hoop earrings.

These hoops are really 2 hoops. Big and little. I think they are
friends! But that just goofy me. Stering silver and super light, 
just in case you DO want to go hippity hop, down the street. LOL.

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