Blog posts of '2021' 'January'

Tans, creams and white pearl earrings

pearl hoop earrings on fabric

All the neutrals of sand and tan to camel and cream offer refined and relaxed elegance. My white
pearl hoop earrings are the perfect accessory for these blended beige tones. The neutral tones work
for every occasion, from the office, datenight to cocktail parties. And my white pearl earrings are
go-to's for this color palette.



Browse my White Pearl hoop Earrings here

Casual cute bracelet & earrings

green bracelet and earrings on white trunk

This casual cute bracelet and earrings are for lovers of pearls, aromatherapy jewelry and
the color green. Thats a lot of favorites to enjoy and wear. And these colors also look good
on a variety of skin tones.
Earrings swinging from your ears are just fun body decorations. Like having ornaments on
your tree! This earthy gemstone bracelet is also an aromatherapy bracelet. Those brown wood beads
are porous and able to absorb your favorite essential oil. Just a drop or two goes on the wooden
beads and are gently rubbed in. You can enjoy your scent all day. Just apply more as needed.

Browse my esential oil bracelet here

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Gratitude for books and bookmarks!

whimsical copper bookmarks with a book
My daughter gifted me this Gratitude journal awhile back.I love it. Gratitude books and journals are life
changing which cause your perspective to change. Using this as a guide lets you refelect on
your day. Allowing you to pause and really consider all those 'something goods' I like to say!

And while your committing to a gratitude journal using a whimsical bookmark will get you in the mood.
Your name or word of choice will be there to greet you every time you open up your book:)

Browse this bookmark here

Or browse my entire Bookmark Collection here

Comfortable work at home Zoom outfit and necklace

knit sweater dress with silver circle necklace on hanger
By now most everyone is familiar with Zoom calls, visits and business meetings. Working at home has
it pros and cons depending on your situation. But I think the best part is being able to dress comfortably.
Soft knit sweater dress can be pulled right over your head. Slide on some leggings and slip my simple
Surround Yourself necklace on and call it a Zoom work outfit. You can even stay in your slippers!

My Surround Yourself necklace is offered in both copper and silver.

Browse my silver Surround Yourself necklace here

Browse my copper Surround Yourself necklace here.

Mixing science and love with a bookmark

copper bookmark with science book

When your honey loves science and books a bookmark will serve him well. And everytime he uses his
bookmark he will no doubt be smiling as he feels the love. Handforged and stamped in copper to be 
long lasting for all your favorite books!

I have a variety of whimsical bookmarks that you may browse here

Soothing essential oil bracelets

earthy gemstone aromatherapy bracelets

Essential oils and essential oil bracelets can keep the soothing going all day! By wearing a bracelet
(or two) you can take your oils with you. Choose the oil that speaks to your needs. There are oild for 
just about anything from mosquito bites, headaches and anxiety. Aromatherapy uses the power of
scent to cal braceletsm the mind and reduce anxiety. Im showing a Clary sage oil with my
Home on the Range bracelets. Clary sage  is one of my favorites oils because of its anti-depressant and 
anti-stress effects. 

Browse my Home on the Range bracelets (shown here)

or browse my entire Essential Oil Collection here

Dreaming of Italy with an Italian coin necklace

holding a gemstone Italian coin necklace
Are you dreaming of travel? A new country with sites to see, cultures to experience and food to enjoy?
I know I sure am. And Italy is definitley on my bucke list. I would love to eat my way through
tasting gelato, pasta's, pizza's and breads! This Italian coin necklace was made for an Italian gal. But
you certanly don't need to be an Italian to enjoy and Italian coin necklace. For that matter I have coin
from all around the world that can be made into a special piece just for you. 

Old coins are fascinating and full of character and art history. If you have a love an appreciation for all
the old coins then browse my Wanderlust coin collection to see if something catches your eye.
Or you can always email me for a custom piece.


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One size fits all unisex bracelets for the family

pile of red brown leather wrap bracelets

With my leather wrap bracelets there is no worry about figuring out the right size. These bracelets wrap
around the wrist multiple times which allows plenty of room for larger wrists. If the wrap is too big, then
the excess leather can easily be trimmed off. And easy peasy one size fits all option.


swirl of unisex leather wrap bracelets

Being that the year 2020 turned us all on out heads I intentionally made sideways 0's on all tags.
And even those these bracelets are unisex the gals in this group opted for an additional small bead for 
a little something extra.

 Browse my Follow Your Path Bracelets here.

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Self care gift that includes a necklace

charm necklace and body lotion

Don't overlook the gift of self-care! Life is precious and meant to be enjoyed. Self-care
helps you better cope with stress and allows you to prioritize whats important to you. I like
to think of self-care as the instructions you get on air travel - put your oxygen mask on
first and then put on your child. By doin so you are better able to take of your child. And
by excersicing personal self-care you'll feel better and that spreads to all those around you.

While everyone may have their own self care needs it boils down to things will ultimately
make you feel better, calm, loved, soothed, relaxed etc. For soothing scented luxury a nice
lotion is always refreshing. This lemon basil lotion from Michael Design Works is heavenly. 

They have all kinds of items to choose from. My Use Your Words charm necklaces are made to
order with absolutley anything you want those word tags to say. This gives you the option
to choose words that will bring love, hope, gratitiude and maybe some really feel good
memories. Self care gifts cannot be beat!!


Browse my Use Your Words Necklace options here

Warming up your denim with a sunset necklace

orange gemstone necklace on denim

Oranges and reds are warm happy colors. Put those warm colors in a necklace and keep that feeling
with you every time you wear.  When the sky is piercing with orange and reds it is glorious,
just like the stones in this necklace. Which I why I call it my Sunset necklace. if you look closely you can
see the golden orange stitching in the denim. This necklace like that stitching really compliments
your blue jeans and adds some warmth.

Browse my Sunset necklace here.