Blog posts of '2021' 'January'

All the good feels with this bracelet

pink gemstone silver chain bracelet on stack of stones

All the good feels come from this feminine bracelet that has the prettiest pink rhodonite gemstones.
These are known as stones of comapssion that nurture love. It's also a stone of the heart chakra.
And that lovely rose color is really sweet. This bracelet wraps twice around the wrist and would 
look really nice worn with brown tones as you can see here!

This bracelet was part of a custom set  but I can alwyas make more. Shoot me an email if you want one.

Or browse my current bracelet collection here

Remembering Mom with a Memorial charm necklace

memorial charm necklace on flowered scarf

Keeping memories alive for loved ones that have passed is done by continuing to talk
and share stories about that person. What you learned, admired and cherished. This necklace
was made for someone who lost her mother. Her words of wisdom in raising her chidren
have been turned into a necklace. this necklace holds here memories, stories and lessons
that she wanted to pass down. Her words now, more than ever make their mark in the hearts
and lives of her family. 

I named this customizable piece of jewelry Use Your Words necklace. You get to choose
the exact words and how many word tags. This option allowed this piece to become a memorial
necklace. A keepsake treasure to remember the her dear darling mother, Musako.

If you want to consider this a gift to give or just something for yourself browse my 
Use Your Word necklace.

Or you'll find other jewelry that can be personalized in my Personalize it Collection.

Rugged silver cross necklace in memory of mom

silver hammered cross necklace on brick

     A memorial necklace for a son whose mother recently passed away. Saying goodbye or
    until we meet again never comes easy. No matter how prepared you think you are - its so 
    painful. To keep her memories close to his heart a sturdy silver cross necklace can be
    slipped over his head every day. The backside of cross has been personalized with
    persoanl details. May it bring comfort on those extra hard days.

Add some love to your day with a chunky heart bracelet
Earrings for bringing good luck

horseshoe earrings on a Southwestern blanket

Pile on all the good luck that you can and let my Horseshoe earrings lead the way. Couldn't we all
benefit with some unexpected good luck in out day. What if the perfect parking spot just opend up,
you hit all green lights while driving to work or  you got the very last rotisserie chicken at the market?!
Of course these earrings can't promis all of those things but you just never know!

Horseshoes have long been considered lucky and a symbol of protection. Just knowing that makes you
feel a bit taken care of! I have Horseshoe earrings in both copper and bronze dpending on your
metal preference.

Browse my bronze Horseshoe earrings

Browse my copper Horseshoe earrings

Pink and green looking quite pretty with this necklace

pink gemstone coin necklace on a green plant

   Pink and green colors are so fresh when paired together. Hanging this necklace on the green leaf
   shows it off quite well. They have a beautiful contrast. And these same colors are the theme of the 
   famous Beverly Hills Hotel in California. Its tried and true.   Bright pink and green are pretty for Winter,
   Spring, summer and Fall.Year round baby!

   This necklace also features a Canadian coin. Old coins make for such interesting jewelry. Full of
   character and history. You can see more of my coin jewelry in my Wanderlust Coin Collection
   Or email me for a custom design!





Big Magic is deserving of a bookmark

artisan bookmark with Big Magic book
   I am  huge fan of Elizabeth Gilbert  who wrote Big Magic (she also wrote Eat Pray love). I highly
   recommend both of these books if you haven't already read them. Im ob my second go-round of 
   reading Big Magic which I do believe is bookmark worthy. Each and every page is magical, eye opening,
   inspiring and hopeful. My bookmarks already have that whimsical magic feel which goes well with this
   very book! Keep your most favorite magical pages at your fingertips with one of my fun bookmarks and 
   you'll never loose your place:)

   I have designed a number of personalized custom bookmarks but I also have bookmarks available here.

   Email me here for a custom design

Happiness overload with new earrings

in the car  wearing silver artisan earrings
Nothing like starting off your day with some new fun earrings to put a kick in your step!
That feeling of having something fresh and brand new just feels so good. It brings new life to an outfit or
hairstyle. Sunny has long hair and looks great wearing long earrings.  These were custom designed but
I may just add them to my site. 

Browse my current earring collection here

Or email me here for a custom design -

Love with all your heart [ and a necklace]

gold textured heart necklace on cream burlap

The month of love is quickly approaching. However I believe that every month should be the month of
love.  Our hearts feel it all -heart pounding, bursting exhilerating excitement. My Big Little Heart necklace
is great way to send this message of love. Wear it for yourself becuase you deserve it. Or gift this
necklace to send out some love!

Browse my Big Little Heart Necklace here

Send some love with a fierce love necklace

big copper heart necklace displayed

For those days, situations or relationships where you want to let your love show my Fierce Love necklace
will say it in a very big way! There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it love is to important to keep
quiet about it. Whether its for you or someone that you are sending it too. Shout out your fierce
love while wearing your love!

Browse my Fierce Love Necklace here for details