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All the good feels with this bracelet

pink gemstone silver chain bracelet on stack of stones

All the good feels come from this feminine bracelet that has the prettiest pink rhodonite gemstones.
These are known as stones of comapssion that nurture love. It's also a stone of the heart chakra.
And that lovely rose color is really sweet. This bracelet wraps twice around the wrist and would 
look really nice worn with brown tones as you can see here!

This bracelet was part of a custom set  but I can alwyas make more. Shoot me an email if you want one.

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Pink and green looking quite pretty with this necklace

pink gemstone coin necklace on a green plant

   Pink and green colors are so fresh when paired together. Hanging this necklace on the green leaf
   shows it off quite well. They have a beautiful contrast. And these same colors are the theme of the 
   famous Beverly Hills Hotel in California. Its tried and true.   Bright pink and green are pretty for Winter,
   Spring, summer and Fall.Year round baby!

   This necklace also features a Canadian coin. Old coins make for such interesting jewelry. Full of
   character and history. You can see more of my coin jewelry in my Wanderlust Coin Collection
   Or email me for a custom design!





Positively pretty with pink gemstone jewelry

boxed sets of pink gemstone jewelry

Pink gemstone jewelry made for someone who loves all things pink and feeling feminine, delicate
and gracefully stylish.  Pinks are also pretty when paired with gray, brown, navy, black, orange and
green. Pinks and neutrals works so well together. All of the jewelry shown here can be worn together or 
can be enjoyed wearing a couple of pieces at a time.

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