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Add some luck to your day with Horseshoe earrings!

hand forged horseshoe earrings being worn
As you are heading out the door being armed with a little extra good luck would add a kick to your
step, don't you think? My Horseshoe earrings could even be your intention for the day. Looking for and 
imagining all the good luck will come your way. You can start counting all the little things that are
considered to be lucky! Things like no one in line ahead or unexpected phone call from a dear old 
friend. Im wearing the bronze version of my earrings here but I also have available in copper.

Grab all the luck you can!

Browse my bronze Horseshoe ear rings here or 

Browse my copper Horseshoe earrings here


Earrings for bringing good luck

horseshoe earrings on a Southwestern blanket

Pile on all the good luck that you can and let my Horseshoe earrings lead the way. Couldn't we all
benefit with some unexpected good luck in out day. What if the perfect parking spot just opend up,
you hit all green lights while driving to work or  you got the very last rotisserie chicken at the market?!
Of course these earrings can't promis all of those things but you just never know!

Horseshoes have long been considered lucky and a symbol of protection. Just knowing that makes you
feel a bit taken care of! I have Horseshoe earrings in both copper and bronze dpending on your
metal preference.

Browse my bronze Horseshoe earrings

Browse my copper Horseshoe earrings

Bring your outfit to life with earrings & rings

holding horseshoe earrings with thumb rings against a striped outfit

To me bringing your outfit to life with jewelry is the same thing as hanging pictures on your walls.
It changes everthing. Just as the type of pictues you hang creates a mood or jewelry choices are
no different. My horseshoe earrings and cuff rings here are hand forged giving them a casual cool
vibe. It's all about how you want to express yourself and what feels natural to you.

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