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Warm wishes with red jewelry


red colorful jewelry on wood

Red is considered a warm color on the color wheel. 
And with the Fall season underway and Winter just around
the corner you might want to consider warming up with my 
It's All Good Good necklace and my Color Me Happy bracelet.
They are both colorful and incude red beads and crystals. Like little
mini fireplaces around your neck and wrist! LOL. Beside
the warmth of the color red my necklace brings instant cheer.
And adding to that is my fun bracelet design with multi gemstone
colors. Kind of like good mood jewelry!! Try it.

Browse my Color Me Happy bracelet here

Browse my It's All Good Necklace here

Feeling all the greens with green jewelry

green gemstone necklace bracelet on wood

 There is being green with envy, green behind the gills
 living green for the environment and of course green jewlery
just because its pretty! 
My green earth bracelet remind me of globes. My Verde
Belleza necklace is spanish for green hills. The blend of 
greens and teals are deliciously complimentary. 

Green is a secondary color, a combination of the two primary
colors blue and yellow. Secondary colors always match colors
that comprise them.You can easily wear this green jewlery with 
shades of blue, yellow and also pink, orange, red, and brown.



Adventuring through Asheville, NC with an artisan necklace

wearing an artisan necklace in Asheville, NC

My sister and her husband spent Labor Day weekend in Asheville NC. It's one of their favorite places!
If you havne't been it's located in the BLue Ridge Mountains. The Downtown Art District is filled with
galleries and museums, and in the nearby River Arts District, former factory buildings house artists' studios.

So wearing one of my handcrafted necklaces seemed appropriate for their adventure. This necklace says
"Live Free" and they most certainly do! 

Looking for a new necklace to adventure in?
Shop my necklace collection here to see if something catches your eye!

My very first jewelry studio/work space

jewelry designer first studio

Yep thats it! This was back in 2003. It felt soooo good to have an actual "desk" to work from.
And real drawers for storing supplies - was wonderful. You gotta start somewhere!

That pooch under the desk was my helper, Jack.  Meaning he was busy chasing
every single bead that dropped on the floor. But he wasn't so keen about returning them. That photo of
me, not so good. But all I could find!

Since this was photo was taken I have upgraded my workspace many, many times! And I'm sure I will
continue many more. It is fun to look back and see how far you've come.

No matter the space my passion for creating a colorful life through jewelry and art lives on.

Feel free to browse all my jewelry categories to see what I've been up too!

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Luxurious Fortnum & Mason truffles with Silver and gold jewelry

silver & gold jewelry with Fortnum & Mason truffles

When you are gifted truffles from Fortnum & Mason, an upscale 18th century department store
in London - you savor every bite and the box it came in!

My friend just flew back from London and surprised chocolate loving me with these goodies.
When I saw how beautiful the box and packaging were I decided I needed to dress for the

So I opted for simple classic bracelets in gold and silver. I think they look just as luxurious 
as the truffle box. 

finger with silver ring holding a truffle

Naturally I had to adorn my finger with a silver wrap ring to hold this delicacy!

I was gifted a variety of truffles and will be slowly working my way throught them.
If you need some pretty jewelry to wear with dinner or dessert you can shop my bracelets here.

The wrap ring is not yet available...but if you want to be the first to know when it is then 
by all means - join my mailing list!

Show your love with a chunky chain , mixed metal heart necklace

heart necklace on dark haired model outside

    Wear your live with this unique mixed metal, chunky chain, leather heart necklace.

     You can make it more personal by having your own message stamped on backide of heart.
      This touchstone necklace is meant to keep you feeling the love all day love.

     For more details on leather color options and heart necklace measurements,  shop here

Mixed metal bracelets meet mixed metal art

mixed metal bracelets and mixed metal art

When heading into the studio with mixed metal bracelets and you notice that you 
match your mixed metal sign! Ha! Of course I had to snap a photo.

When I first started this jewelry journey I made these signs for local accounts.
They were quite time consuming! I don't make them anymore but so glad I kept one for myself.

Want some mixed metal for yourself?

Browse or shop braclets/cuffs to put your own stack together!