Wearing and enjoying the benefits of this men's aromatherapy bracelet set

wearing his earthy gemstone aromatherapy bracelets

There are so many handsome stones and materials for creating men's jewerly. So when my friend Keith
was thinking about a blue, brown and black stone,bracelet. I wanted to make him something earthy.
Making his pieces were fun so what started out as one bracelet turned into a set of two. 


gemstone aromatherapy bracelets and oil

Plus the bracelet stone bracelet is also an aromatherapy bracelet. There are so many wonderful
essential oils with soothing benefits . Everything from headache soothing peppermint to calming lavender.
If you want to add oil just add a drop or two the porous round black lava rock beads. Gently rub the oil in.

Depending how much oil you use the scent will last a few hours or days!  

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