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Summer favorites include flowers, earrings and ceramics

big gold disc earrings on ceramic pitcher

Some of my favorite Summer moments are when I can 
take a short break and enjoy a moment outdoors.
Sitting in the garden with whatever is in bloom my earrings
swiniging in the breeze while sipping my favorite ice tea makes me
a happy camper. 
Moments like these feel like the healthiest kind
of recharging that only takes a few minutes. Even just a 15 minute
break does a lot of good! 

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Are you ready to go out, have fun and wear jewelry?!

wearing print dress with coin cluster necklace & earrings

This Summer feels like a return to living life before the pandemic!
The sweat pants that we all became used too could
probably use a break from working overtime. Im ready to go
out and have some fun. Its time!

The dress hadn't seen the light of day for quite some time. My
Coin Cluster necklace is jingly-jangly which feels like a party.
So thats what I chose..And with masks coming to an end
we can wear lipstick again! 
And my Circle Dance earrings couldn't be left out.
They are always up for being social! They give you
that boost of energy to get up and go.

Grab your favorite lipstick and treat yourself to some
new jewelry to celebrate being able to go out and have some

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Big earrings with a scarf and ponytail

wearing pony tail scarf & big disc earrings

A scarf is an easy way to add a little something extra to an everyday casual pony. It only takes
a second to tye on and you get a lot of bang! Having your hair pulled back screams for a fun pair of
statement earrings as well. Wear this with a tee shirt and jeans on the weekend. Or wear it to work 
with a tailored suit for a more polished style. My big round disc earrings with a polk-a-dot scarf play nice.

So if you have a lot of scarves in your closet think about adding them to your hair!

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