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Pretty pearl earrings will always be classic

wearing unique pearl earrings

Pearls are always appropriate because they are lustrous, beautiful and natural. If ever in doubt about
what earrings to wear - choose your pearls they won't steer you wrong. Today pearl earrings 
can be designed with a modern style, rustic style, simple style or a cool eclectic style. Something for

Pearls are also versatile these days. Wear them with business suit, tee shirts and jeans or for dressing
fancy. I made these white coin pearls in an organic shaped gold wire frame. 

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Look good do good with a mask and pretty pearl earrings

wearing a mask and pretty silver earrings

My customer Kristen is looking mighty good as she masks up at work and shows off my 
Pearl Hoop earrings! Kristen works for the Blue Grass Community Fondation in Lexington, KY.
They are experts in local philanthropy and understand the current needs of the communities they serve. 
They promote "Do the most good where you can".  And yes you can still wear jewelry with a mask!

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Looking chic with modern sterling hoop pearl earrings

sterling pearl hoop earrings worn on dark haired model

To dress chic is to dress with with a stylish, smart elegance. A touch of chic can be as easy as
one piece of beautiful jewelry with a really plain-jane, simple outfit. 

I say think of the one piece as your statement piece. A big bracelet stack or a striking necklace or really
pretty earrings. These squared freshwater pearls with hammered sterling hoops are just
the right size for a chic earring statement.

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