Gift your female weight lifter a personalized charm necklace

girl wearing necklace holding barbelle
My niece Amelie was turning eleven. I wasn't sure what kind of jewelry gift  to make for my little
tuff stuff weight lifter. I am so proud of her skills and dedication. In my family everyone gets a jewelry
gift from me, of course.  After giving it some thought I knew what I wanted to make for her.
necklace that felt like a medal. A necklace that would make her feel loved and acknowledged.


weight lifter charm necklace on a weight

Amelie's necklace is filled with personalized charms and a birthstone crystal. I'm already thinking
about more charms to add for the future. Whether you have a weight lifter or someone that you
can't find a gift for - a personalized anything is a good idea. 

back & white photo of girl weight lifter wearing necklace

I customized this necklace for my niece but you can shop my "Use Your Words" necklace and create 
your own words or message. The options are endless.

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