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Decorate your feet with Summer ankle bracelets

wearing anklets & sandals in the grass

Pretty up those bare legs with anklets! I usually forget im wearing one. Whether you opt for sparkle
or chain anklets they all add a lot of personality to your shorts, dresses, skirts and swimsuits.
Everytime you look down you get to enjoy seeing your decorated foot (or feet!)

For more details click on my Silver Chain Tag anklet or my Aqua Crystal Chain anklet

Wearing a cool painted rock & cool jewelry

copper jewelry & painted rock on hand

      Beacause why not? Whatever lights you up I say. I love these painted rocks. Seeing this one with a 
      whimisically painted golden sun that blended right in my cuffs and rings. Kind of a mixed metal look!

      This rock is from a little store in Burbank, California called Stay Home Friend. (you can shop them online) 
      They supporting local artists (me) and products made here in the USA. You'll find items with
      irreverant humor, the best cards, clever gifts and good music on its hard to leave that place. 

      After lfinally eaving I felt inspired to either start painting rocks or create a golden sun piece of jewelry!

      Until then you can click here for more info on my copper cuff set  and  ring collection


Copper, brass, and bronze artisan antimicrobial rings

row of metal rings on a branch

   These unique artisan rings are about form and function. The form is organic in shape & design.
   The function comes from these metals being antimicrobial, which means they are capable
   of killing bacteria & viruses (microbes).

    Before 1932 when antibiotics were invented being exposed to copper was the old version of 
    constantly using sanitizer on your hands. So these rings were meant to be touched as
    often as possible.

    Read more from the US National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health and 

     Read more from the Smithsonian here 

     Feel free to browse my ring collection here.

Did you know that antimicrobial metals found on brass horns, jewelry, door knobs and handles can kill bacteria ?!




variety of antimicrobial  metal objects & jewelry

That's why you need more metal in your life!
I have some good-to-know information about antimicrobial metals, what that means, how it has

helped others ...and why you NEED to be wearing and touching it as much as possible.


Lets talk Copper and its alloys Brass and Bronze.
These metals have a structural ability to kill a wide range of dangerous bacteria & viruses (microbes).

It happens quickly, sometimes within minutes.

 How does that work? Electrically charged particles (copper ions) are released when microbes
(transferred by touching, sneezing or vomiting) land on the surface. The DNA and RNA then become destroyed.

 Until 1932 when antibiotics became available, Exposure to copper was an early version of

constantly sanitizing your hands.



Read more from the US National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health



antimicrobial metal jewelry and info

Who has benefited already...

Did you know that during the cholera epidemic of 1854 and 1855 that deaths could NOT be found
among jewelers, goldsmiths, boilermaikers - all those who worked in copper. People in the army,
who played brass instruments were also protected. 

Over 100 years ago copper railings were put in New York City's Grand Central Terminal.
After checking on those rails a few years ago it was still found to be a durable, effective antimicrobial.
That's quite a testimonial!   Read more from the Smithsonian here 


Another study talks about copper and what it does to coronavirus.


What can we learn from this?

Wear and touch these metals as often a possible. If you don't play
an instrument or have door knobs and rails etc. you can always wear some antimicrobial metal jewelry!


My newest jewelry pieces were designed for touching so you can absorb as much as possible.
Weaing rings on your finger lets you touch and spin that ring.

Wearing the copper cuffs allows you to run your hands across them throughout the day.

The earrings aren't contacting your skin but you need some
complimentary earrings, right?! Plus you can reach up and slide your fingers across them too. 


To learn more details about the jewelry shown here click the link below.

 Pearl Copper Cuff Ring

Skinny Copper Cure Cuff set

Bronze Cuff Ring Set

Copper Lucky Bamboo Cuff

Copper & Gold Wired Cuff

Bronze Horsehoe Earrings

Copper Horsehoe Earrings

Hammered Wave Wrap Ring

Copper Coil Ring



At the beach with sandy toes and sparkly anklets

anklets on bare feet at the beach

Did you know that sand has healing properties? It's true. Sand is a natural exfoliant
After a day at the beach and rinsing off your sandy feet you'll find that your soles are usually a lot softer.

 It is important to exfoliate your body because you are simultaneously stripping away dead skin cells,
thereby making your skin soft to the touch, and also allowing your pores to breathe better. While the sand
can cake your feet at times you can still sparkle through with shiny ankle bracelets.

My anklets are can all be worn in the ocean, lake, river, hot tub or swimming pool. How you ask?
They are all made with a very hearty stainless steel chain that holds up. NO tarnishing with these and 
they are also hypoallergenic!

To see the anklets shown here click on
Tag Along Chain anklet 


Mellow Yellow Anklet

Bring the beach to you with an aromatherapy bracelet

at the beach wearing an essential bracelet

If you are lucky enough to live by a beach by all means you can soak up all the sounds and feels
that it brings. But if you don't live near a beach you can enjoy this "Vitamin Sea" essental oil blend and 
a drop or so to an essential oil bracelet like mine.

This blend uses rosemary, spearment, peppermint and lavendar. The best way to make a blend is to
combine these oils in small 2ml glass bottles. If you don't own any essential oils you can buy them
lots of places these days. Here is a essential set from Amazon to get you started.

You can shop my Home on the Range aromatherapy bracelet here.


Shop ALL my essential oil jewelry here.

Harvesting lemons and silver stacking bracelets

picking lemons with silver stacking cuffs

When my friends lemon tree starts producing she generously lets me harvest lots of her fresh lemons.
So on this day I was wearing a dress and my silver stacking bracelets but I saw lemons that were ready.
So I got out a ladder to see what I could find!

Anytime I find myself in a garden or body of nature the photo opportunities are endless. Mountains, beach
back yard or just at the park there is always something beautiful that is growing or blooming.
Photographing jewelry in these same settings is like icing on a cake. So yes right in mid harvest I
stopped to snap a picture.

Hello fresh lemons, I love you! Click here if you want to know more about my groovy
textured sterling silver cuff stack

Swarovski Crystal earrings, personalized card inserts and jewelry pouches for bridemaids

Swarovski crystal dangle bridemaid earrings 

 Wedding bells will be ringing for Taylor & Dillon! Every bride needs her tribe. So the Mother of
this bride is treating all to custom earrings to make this special ocasion even more beautiful.
The goal was to create earrings that would be classy simple and elegant. 

After sourcing beads to compliment the mauve-pink dresses I discovered these utterly gorgeous
antique pink Australian Swarovski crystals. They sparkle and shine with beauty and grace.
Very light weight and comfortable for the big event.


custom carded bridesmaids earrings

When you opt for a cutom piece of jewelry from me you can alo expect to have a custom card
insert for the special piece, meaning or ocasion. That extra personalization makes such a difference 
when gifting.





custom bridemaids jewelry gift pouch

My jewelry pouches were then lined with cream colored burlap and pink tissue paper to match the rest.
Typically my jewelry bags come with a piece of fringed denim. But for this custom order they were
persoanlized for this ocasion with cream colored burlap, pink tissue paper and name tags tied with raffia.


If you have a special event, retreat, workshop, or celebration I would love to create something that is
personalized an significant for you. Just shoot me an email