Making history with an old coin necklace

teal shirt with green pearl Ireland coin necklace
Noreen has dual citizenship in both Ireland and the USA. 
She met the love of her life in 1971. When I shared with her
that I happen to have an 1971 Ireland coin  - a necklace was
requested! With a love of pearls and all things green I knew just
how I would design her necklace. Complete with freshwater pearls
and a dazzling Swarovski crystal this necklace represents Noreens 
history. She says it is her new go-to favorite piece of sentimental
jewelry. I have so very many coins from all around the world. 
You can browse my Coin Collection to see if there is a piece that
speaks to you. Or you can request a custom piece and have it
made exactly as you wish.

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