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A necklace for arrowhead collectors

mixed metal arrowhead necklace on rock stack
When you know someone is a collector of something that 
always gives you a good idea for future gift giving events. 
My bronze Arrowhead necklace is perfect for the arrowhead collector. 
Whether its arrowheads, hearts or rocks these items are collected with
passion and appreciation. While the arrowhead necklace is not a natural
arrowhead it'sstill significant. Its art jewelry that honors the arrowhead symbol.

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Learn all the good things an arrowhead necklace represents

bronze arrowhead necklace hanging on a plant

Arrowheads are among the most easily recognized type of artifact
found in the world. However my arrowhead and necklace are
made in my studio.There are so many myths about about arrowheads.
Spiritually, Native American arrowheads have always been associated
with magical power, either in a literal way or in a symbolic way. Using 
them more as lucky charms. I like the sound of that.

Today arrowheads symbolize strength, bravery, protection,
defense. All of that in a necklace packs a lot of meaning.
This necklace is unisex. Everyone should be able to enjoy the
benefits of this symbol.

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The significance of arrowhead necklace

wearing arrowhead necklace with Hawaiin  print shirt

An arrowhead is the sharpened or hardened point of an arrow.
In the early days they were often carved from stone. My
Arrowhead necklace is made in bronze metal and feels smooth
when wearing.

The meaning of the arrowhead was to signify alertness.
Symbolizing courage, strength, and protection. Native Americans
believed the arrowhead could deflect negative energy and allow the
wearer to absorb their enemy’s power.

Arrowheads are important archaeological artifacts.
Anyone can wear an Arrowhead necklace. They don't belong
to just one gender!

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