A cool necklace for your flannel shirts

cool sterling necklace on mannequin with flannel shirt

Play it cool with an artisan necklace that compliments your casual flannel shirts. Playing it cool is about
making an effort to be, or appear to be calm and not overly emotional. The benefits of aiming to remain
in a calm state serves us well. Better decisioons are made because you will be less impulsive. Evn though
we may start out doing the "playing" before you know it you'll be acting as if. Thats a good thing!




artisan silver asymmetrical necklace on wood

       This necklace is for making you feel unique, original, calm and cool AF! Its got the perfect amount of
       casual laid back style for flannel shirts in my book.


      For more detail click here to learn about my Play it Cool Necklace

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