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Totem Pole Charm Bracelet

It's Your Very Own

This chunky, sterling chain, gemstone charm bracelet is vibrant and fun. Bring it to life with a personalized charm that speaks to you.

Finely detailed chain has alternating links of knurl and plain rims.  Crafted with rich, meaningful stones in a totem pole stack. Chain links allow for adjustable sizing.

Touch them throughout the day and remember - it's your story.

Coral- gives energy, vigor & hope

Jade- healing benefits & good luck

Turquoise- the stone of protect


Ideas for your charm:

  • An extra large capital initial
  • 3  large initials
  • 1 word - 5 characters & a heart
  • Use <3 for heart symbol
  • 2 short words up to 5 characters each
  • A date with heart
  • Coordinates of a meaningful location

* Not sure if what you want will fit? Email me and we will figure it out!



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