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An Irish coin necklace for an Irish Lass

wearing her pearl  Irish coin necklace with doggie

Noreen loves her pooch but she also has a new love in her life. She loves her custom 1971 Irish
coin necklace! She has dual citizenship and a deep love for her Irish roots including all things green.
And her coin being the year 1971 is very signifcant and hold a special place in her heart. 



woman in black top with green pearl Irish coin necklace

Coin necklaces are so unique. They are historic tokens with artwork from that culture. Custom pieces
are always fun to design to get specifically what you want. But if you appreciate all the old coins in general
You can browse my ready to wear coin jewelry designs. 

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Green on green with an Irish Coin necklace

irish Coin necklace in hand in the garden
For the love of all things green and this Ireland coin necklace. This piece was a special request from
a true Irish lass, Noreen. She even has dual citizenship - here in the US as well as Ireland. And her
favorite color just happens to be green! Bright green pearls and a big beautiful green Swarovski crystal
may she feel like the Queen of Ireland!

Coin necklaces are little treasure of art history. The coins are full of beautiful detail that tell a story.
A story about the culture its from. You may want a necklace just for the love of old coins. 
But here are few more ideas if you are looking for a meaningful gift

  • Family heritage (or the country that you relate to the most)
  • A place you've been dreaming about (bucket list)
  • A memorable trip with friends or family 
  • The location of a special ocassion  (wedding or event)

I am happy to make anyone a custom coin necklace. Or you can shop my Wanderlust coin Collection
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