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For the love of hearts and jewelry

bronze dotted heart necklace on red wood heart

For the love of hearts in all forms inlcuding this necklace!
Heart art is fascinating and found everywhere from nature rocks
and cloud formations to clothing patterns, galleries, ironwork,
jewelry and home decor. I've got rustic hearts, feminine hearts
and heart charms. Hearts and heart art are timless treasures.
Feel free to browse all of my hearts to find one that speaks to you.

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My flowering ground cover bloomed a heart necklace

Gold heart necklace in flower bush

I sure wish my ground cover would actually bloom heart necklaces! This ground cover is so pretty
and produces the most vibrant flowers. With a cheerful back drop like this I had photograph
my new heart necklace amoungst the blooms.

This particular ground cover is a variety of Ice plant. It's called Purple Bush ice plant
(or Lampranthus Productus). It fully opens up in the sun and then goes back to sleep and closes
up a bit when the sun goes down. Click here to learn more about this groundcover.

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