Blog posts of '2021' 'July'

This statement necklace works with busy patterned clothing!

heavy silver chain statement necklace being worn

Go big or go home with my big Oring necklace! She balances 
out any busy patterned tops or outfits. This necklace won't get lost
in the noise. Of ocurse it looks just as good and very smart
with solid colors but she doesn't disappoint when you are 
looking for a big dramatic statement. Wear with blue jeans or 
your favorite black outfit or ALL the busiest tops in your closet!

Browse my Big ORing necklace here

Tiptoeing around with an anklet stack


anklets on foot with white jeans

Tiptoeing around barefoot is extra quiet and sneaky! Jingly anklets 
could give you away - but these anklets won't. Even though 
they have charms they lay quietly around yor ankle parts
and stay low key!! The multi heart anklet is pretty and playful.
The tag along anklet is more simple in style and makes for
a great pairing when worn with another anklet. They sure
do dress up a foot and make life lots more fun! 

Browse my Have a Heart anklet here

Browse my Tag Along anklet here

Browse ALL my anklets here

Travel inspiration with jewelry and clothes

coin cluster necklace on mannequin

I'm always dreaming about places to travel. Trying all the food, 
seeing the old architecture and experiencing different cultures brings
up all that wanderlust. Wearing one of my coin cluster necklaces
will let the dreaming begin! Each necklace has 3 different coins in size and shape
from ALL over the world!

Of course what you wear and how to pack is important too. This comfy looking
tee-shirt style dress has a chic feel to it. Great big funky pockets and
chabby chic stitching is keeps this casually cool. And it won't take up
much space in your suitcase. You can get this dress at Clay and Cotton.
And its a fabulous pairing with my coin necklace

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here

Browse my Wanderlust Coin Collection here

Tuxedo top and an artsy necklace

black top gold sun necklace

Tuxedo style top with this groovy necklace is a cool
way to dress yourself up! Tuxedo speaks of formal ocassions. Lots
of finery and fanciness. But for an eclectic look you can mix this
style of top with unexpected accessories. Instead of fancy 
this one has a touch of bohemian style with just the addition of
the Soleil necklace instead of a rope of diamonds. Anything 
"unexpected" makes for a very unique interesting sAND tylish way to go!

Browse my Soleil necklace here

A bracelet stack for happier living


wearing a stack of artsy bracelets with blue jeans

Jewelry can change your mood - be it uplifting, sentimental, empowered
or in love. Express yourself by wearing these unpretentiously cool pieces
that reflect your taste, attitude and personality. When slipped these bracelets
on my wrist today I felt armored in feeling like me. and that felt good!

Each of these bracelets carry special meaning. Staring with my Wildflower
bracelet which really has me feeling like a free spirit. My Soulfed 
set of three cuffs is all about feeding your soul with wonderful reminders. The Amore
heart bracelet brings that key ingredient of love. Yes please! And last but
certainly not least is my Petite coin bar bracelet offers a sentimental memory.

All of these together make me feel empowered, a little badass and yes happier!

You can wear your happy too:)

Easy breezy earrings and a crossbody bag

blue crossbody bag & leaf earrings
Whatever we can simplify in life sure makes things run
smoother. Keeping it simple really helps. My Loose Leaf
earrings are simple and easy to slip in your lobes. You'll be
looking perfectly polished in a jiffy. I'm also a fan 
of those wallet on a string bags. Or also called
crossbody bags. I got this pretty blue one from
Target. I think its handy and practical. Keeping
it simple never disappoints. Ive been loosing my phone 
a lot less with this bag!

Browse my Large Loose Leaf earrings here

Color inspiration for a vintage coin necklace


purple pearl coin necklace with orange top

Orange and purple colors are dynamic together! They feel positive,
happy and uplifting. This image is proof that this stunning purple
pearl coin necklace looks smashing with bright orange. However you
could easily wear any shade of orange. Think of a lot soft pretty salmon color.
Either way you can't go wrong.This exact necklace can be purchased
though one of my retailers Clay and Cotton. But I have plenty to choose
from in my online coin collection. In the meantime don't shy away
from these bold beautiful colors!

Browse my Wanderlust Coin Collection here

New twist on a bar necklace

wearing bronze bar necklace leaf earrings

Bar necklaces have been around for quite awhile now. So I 
decided to design a unique artsy bar necklace
This is the result. Still casual with a cool vibe to it. This one has
a wired bar with an offset crystal. The crystal adds a touch
of feminine and pretty.
This simple design allows for a bigger earring design - like my
Loose Leaf earrings. They play well together no matter
what the ocassion. 

Browse my Bar None Necklace here

Browse my Large Loose Leaf earrings here

Browse my Small Loose Leaf earrings here