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A gemstone charm bracelet for your blue jeans

red, green, turquoise silver chain charm bracelet with blue jeans
Charm bracelets can be all chain or like mine, both chain and some colorful gemstones. 
I named this the Totem Pole Charm bracelet because that's exactly what it looks like to me! 

This bracelet includes a charm to be personalized but I also think it's pretty cute as is. Just a big 
heavy circle charm has an elegant feel. Of course you can add more charms on all those links
of chain if you really want to fill it up!

Click here for more details on bracelet

Personalized artisan jewelry gifted to a college graduate

custom jewelry worn by christmas tree

As a young child this sweetheart came up with a phrase that also became a mantra for life.

When she graduated high school a special bracelet was made. Now that she has completed college
her parents decided to continue with this sentimental, empowering theme. 


handcrafted & personalised necklace and bracelet

Her special mantra has been carefully stamped on backside of heart necklace and
on inner band of sterling cuff. Her words to live by are now forever imprinted on keepsale jewelry.

This necklace is in my ready to wear collection and can be personalised for you too. Shop necklace.

The cuff braclelet was custom designed to suite her style. You can do that too!
 Email me for a custom piece here.