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Artisan Cross necklace that makes a statement

group of artsy cross necklaces in metal choices

My artisan cross neckaces are long enough to toss over your head. And soon as you do - BOOM
you've made a statement! They speak for themselves and are fun to wear with all your casual
clothes or layered up of course! 

They come in silver, brass and bronze. For more details about necklaces click here

Livin on a prayer with cool cross statement necklaces

artsy cross necklaces in 3 metal choices

Super long, super big and super cool artisan cross necklaces for living with hope in a big badass way! 
These are necklaces brand new and landing very soon.

If you haven't joined my list I recommend you do so now! All members of my list get a special something
when I release new jewelry! Crosses are offered in 3 metals on beadball chain and are 30" long. Yeah!

If you want to know when my Livin on a Prayer necklaces are released just click on the 
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