Stepping out with hippity, hoppity hoop earrings!

female outside side view of hoop earrings
OK, even if you don't want to hippity, hoppity, you can still
feel pretty darn good in a pair of playful hoop earrings.

These hoops are really 2 hoops. Big and little. I think they are
friends! But that just goofy me. Stering silver and super light, 
just in case you DO want to go hippity hop, down the street. LOL.

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Getting all the flower feels with a necklace

female wearing metal flower leather chain necklace
              Mari's family treated her to this flower necklace .
              Mari says she gets loads of compliments everytime
              she wears which is music to my ears!
              If you are flower fanatic or a gardner this
              necklace might becalling your name. Or the next gift to buy!
              the flowers will never wilt. Just an ocassional polish will do.

              Browse the Wildflower Necklace here for more info

Sterling cuffs with handcrafted character

handcrafted artisan silver cuff stack

Handcrafted jewelry and cuff bracelets offer more soul. More
character. Its all been touched by human hands instead of a machine.
Each hammer strike, metal cuts, forming, sanding and polished are done
with care and attention. Handcrafted piece are infused with part
of your soul. Meant to bring you good feelings. To feel grounded in 
beingyour best self. The most natural and comfortable you. Thats exactly
How I want my handmade jewelry and cuffs to make you feel!

Browse this stack of cuffs here for more info

Old coins in jewelry connect us to the past.

old coin gold chain blue gemstone necklace on stones

Did you know that coin jewelry extends into the ancient
pas?! On the necklace shown here, the chain is new but
the coin is very old.  A coin necklace from Egypt made in the 
early third century includes multiple coins and is now on 
display at the MET Museum in New York. 

Wearing coin jewelry for me feels like art history. Each coin 
is beautifully detailed with art that represents its location.
And touched by so many hands. That brings a lot of soul.

I have coins from everywhere. If you are looking for something
specific let me know!

Browse my Vintage Coin necklace here for more details

Colorful clothes and necklace for a pick me up!

colorful top with colorful gemstone necklace

Feeling sluggish? How about wearing something cheerful?
It works for me! Here is a great blend of colors from both the
necklace and this tye die, floral top. Give it try and see how you 
feel. Act as if, as they say, and see what happens.

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Unleash your inner badass with this chunky mixed metal necklace!

silver brass chunky chain necklace on copper vase

This necklace delivers instant badass vibes, so let the
unleashing begin! You can still be a badass wearing a simple
design. Its all about those details. A blend of chunky chain with 
a bold brass center ring can be worn with everyday tee's
and tops. Or go ALL black for a concert or dinner out. 
Think about this a blue jean jacket and ya can't go wrong!

Browse the Little ORing necklace for more details.

A little blue and a little red with jewelry

model wearing blue print top with red necklace
Wearing blue and red together sure makes a pop. This 
necklace includes bloth of those colors. The light blue
is turquoise and dark blue is lapis. Shown here are 2
necklaces being worn because, why not?! 
The simple colors of this necklace also work well
with patterned tops. They both make each other better!
And lets notforgete about those earrings you see. 
Those little chips of blue lapis are the perfect compliment
to this necklace and colors! How bout that?! Gotta have
earrings that work too.


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Step out in casual cool style and handcrafted jewelry!

Outfit flat lay with handcrafted jewelry
You can keep it simple and still step out in style with 
a stack of handcrafted cuff bracelets and breezy earrings
Casual cool Summer dresses for feeling airy. Comfy shoes
for bopping around town. And when your wearing 
statement bracelts and artsy earrings you can skip 
wearing a necklace. Less is more in some cases. 

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When Flowers are your life you need a Flower Queen bracelet!

outfit flat lay with metal flower artisan bracelet
Where are all my gardners and flower loving addicts?!
I'm with you! I'm all about the flowers where real or this
long lasting flower bracelet. I worked at a flower shop
all through high school. And now I work part time at a flower
Shop when Im not in my studio designing jewelry. I love playing in
the dirt as much as I love playing with metal and beads!
Its a win win for me. If you have a Flower Queen in your life 
this might be the best bunch of flowers to have year round!

Browe the Flower Queen bracelet here for more details

Summer fresh with cut flowers and a pearl necklace.

asymmetrical white pearl gold chain necklace with white flowers
White flowers and a sweet white pearl necklace definitley
has all the feels of fresh, clean and Summer! Think about soft
white tops
with an airy necklace on those warmer days.

Or, slip on a simple Summer dress with this pretty
pearl necklace. Then go treat yourself to flowers . Don't forget
about your own yard or
garden. Or a Farmers Market. 
Next up for me would be icecream!  A chocolate malt or vanilla
cone, feel fresh and clean too, right?! 

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