1982 French Polynesia Coin Gemstone Necklace

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In neutral shades of brown, tan, and greenish-gray these Wildhorse Picture Jasper beads form a 1982 French Polynesia gemstone necklace.
These colors allow for an easy way to blend your silvers and golds together. The stones already do it for you. Plus being faceted they add some sparkle and shine.

 French Polynesia is a set of islands that is an overseas country attached to France. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, it is halfway between California and Australia. Think Tahiti.  This coin has all kinds of island feels including Palm trees and volcanos. (See both sides of coin in photos.)


  • Wildhorse Picture Japser -faceted
  • Antique Brass toggle clasp
  • Necklace length 20" + 1-3/4" coin pendant.
  • 1982 Bonze French Polynesia coin