Johnny Necklace in Ametrine


Inspired by the colors & designs of Johnny Was

Picture this stunning ametrine gemstone raw brass necklace that's all about combining the natural allure of ametrine with the artistry of handcrafting. It's like a little piece of Earth's beauty, hand-wrapped with care.

Ametrine is a real gem because it's a mix of amethyst and citrine – you get this mesmerizing blend of purple and yellow hues. And guess what? The ametrine is in its raw form, so it's got this authentic, untouched feel to it. No heavy polishing, just its unique, raw beauty.

Now, let's talk about the brass elements. These aren't your shiny, polished ones. Nope, they're in their raw state, left as they are to develop this cool, rustic patina over time. It's like they've got a story to tell, and you're part of it.

  • Raw ametrine gemstone
  • Raw brass faceted beads
  • Raw brass clasp
  • Black fimo beads
  • Black durable paracord
  • Gold Plate over brass chain
  • Necklace length 16" + 2.5" extender