Colorful gemstone & Coin Necklace Set

Holiday Special
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It's all good. Exactly how this delicate but bold, red crystal, blue, yellow & green gemstone necklace feels. It's real good. And sooo cute layered with this blue lapis gemstone coin necklace. A match made in heaven.Red crystal chain

  • Blue lapis gestome
  • Green amazonite
  • Yellow jasper
  • Handforged brass hook clasp
  • Length 16" + 3" extender chain


Vintage Coin Necklace

A beautiful blend of art and history.

You'll be feeling very chic and unique with this vintage coin, blue lapis, gold paperclip chain necklace around your neck. Blue and gold are simple and smart together. Or have some fun with color and layer this with my It's ll Good necklace. (See photo)

  • Gold vintage coin
  • Blue lapis gemstone
  • 18KGP paperclip chain
  • 18KGP toggle clasp