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All My Children Story Necklace

Starting price for base necklace + 1 charm

Irresistibly cute, a fun mama charm necklace that tells a family story. Fringed with all the names of those she holds dear. Perfect for Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma!

Casually cool, built to last and easy to wear. Toss it over your head and wear long or double it up to pack some powerful punch. Plays nice with denim.

  • Length without charms 36"
  • Made in-the-USA stainless steel beadball chain
  • Brass & Nickel metal charms
  • Swarovski crsytals represent Great Grandchildren


 Necklaces are tiered by generations. See 3rd photo on bottom for example

1st tier -children (nickel metal)

2nd tier -Grand children (brass metal)

3rd tier - Great Grandchildren - Swarovski crsytals on chain


How to enter the Family Tree // EXAMPLE


The organization of the Family Tree will determine the composition of the necklace. 

  Children-  Debbie, Danny, Mark

  Debbie has two children- JP and Anna.

  Danny has two children-  Samantha and Grant.

  Mark has two children- Dylan and Bridget

Great Grandchildren tier

   Debbie's son JP has 1 child.

Danny's daughter Samantha has 2 children

Marks kids none.


 The Family Tree would be entered as follows:

-JP 1
-Samantha 2



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