Totem Pole Necklace Set

Eye Catching & Colorful

Besides being beautiful, totem poles tell stories and represent important life events. Ours is crafted with rich, vibrant, meaningful stones. Touch them throughout the day and remember - it's your story.

 Totem Pole Stack:

Coral- gives energy, vigor & hope

Russian Serpentine - inner peace

Agate Stick - spiritual protection


  • Adjustable up to 30"
  • Brown deertan leather
  • Bead in back slides to adjust length



 Own the day wearing these these big sterling hoops with a stack of turquoise.  Light weight for comfortable wear and timeless turquoise goes with everything.

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.Rumi
  • Length ~ 2'
  • Sterling silver components
  • Stabilized turquoise


* items will come in 2 linen gift bags




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