3 Reasons to love copper [+ jewelry]

copper circle leather necklace & crystal heart cuff on wood

Reddish-brown earthy copper is warm, rich and wonderful. It's connected to love!
As the first metal widely used by humans, copper and our planet have a long and magical history.

1. Did you know that copper is associated with the Goddess of love -  Aphrodite/Venus. 
Funtions of the Roman Goddess encompassed love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and desire.

2. Did you know that Copper is an essential nutrient vital to the health of all living things,
according to the Copper Development Association. Our bodies need it! Not only is copper nutrition
important for pregnant women, but in all people it “enhances bone strength, red and
white blood cell maturation, iron transport, cholesterol and glucose metabolism,
heart muscle contraction and brain development.  

The Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of
Medicine recommends that adults consume about 900 micrograms of copper daily through foods such as
dark chocolate, nuts, seafood, legumes, liver and green leafy vegetables. Yes chocolate!!

3. Copper heals! Today, scientific research has proven that copper has an antimicrobial effect, which is
why more hospitals around the world are finding ways to use copper equipment
to stem hospital infections.

Being able to wear copper gives you another reason to love it and absorb the benefits. Besides my
copper circle necklace and crystal heart copper cuff  I copper rings and bracelets. Feel free to shop
my website here.

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