A long necklace for a Summer scarf

wearing white scarf with longer bronze crystal necklace

Scarves are wonderful year round. Not only are they pretty but 
in Spring and Summer they can be used as a little something
extra if you get chilly when that breeze kicks in.  Wearing a necklace
with a scarf usually needs to be a little longer or else it won't show!

My Sundancer necklace shows up for 2 reasons. When the sun catches
this big Swarovski crystal it radiates all kinds of undeniable pretty sparkle. 
The 2nd reason is that the Sundancer necklace offers adjustable length.
So with a scarf the longest length is used! Of course if you aren't
wearing a scarf you can wear it shorter or see what looks best with your
top or dress. This necklace allows you to still enjoy all your flowy scarves.

Browse the Sundancer necklace here for more details


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