Arm yourself with earthy copper jewelry

green plant with copper jewelry
 Due to its natural orange earth tone, copper is a beautiful jewelry metal. Over time, copper will not
rust but instead develop a natural green patina. This is because copper oxidizes and a chemical reaction
turns the metal green. 

About that green...
Will wearing copper make your skin green? Yes. Unfortunately, this is part of the copper jewelry
experience. While many assume this is due to low-quality copper, it’s actually a chemical reaction.

When copper mixes with skin sweat, it oxidizes and sometimes leaves a greenish hue on your skin.
This is chelated copper which does not absorb into the skin, rather stays behind and leaves a stain.
That said, copper stains aren’t permanent and can be washed off with soapy water.
In fact, many believe chelated copper to have health benifits.

My copper bracelets and ring can be touch often while wearing. I encourage you to touch often.
Why? Because copper is also an antimicrobial metal. That means it KILLS virus. Yep, you
heard that right! 

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