Handcrafted Letter necklaces make for a fun birthday gift

Hammered Letter necklace and hoop earrings

Anything crafted by hand is extra special. And this Letter H necklace 
falls right into that category. Recieving a necklace gift with an
oversized first or last initial is just so cute and fun.
Letter necklaces aren't a new thing. But  usually they are
manufactured by a machine. This necklace has
all the unique signs of handcraft. If you look closely at the H 
you'll see the center bar is smooth while the sides are fully
hammered. I love that contrast. 
And you've gotta have those eternity hoops earrings with
same green crystals used in the necklace. They compliment 
and balance each other out in a playful way.
if you want a letter necklace made for yourself or for a 
gift, I'd love to make one for you. Contact me here.

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