In the kitchen with a cheery heart apron and his black leather necklace

male wearing black leather ring necklace in the kitchen

My Italian brother-in-law Tom is handy in the kitchen. He eats healthy and fresh. Seeing him here
in my mom's apron and donning his wedding ring necklace captures him perfectly! He is one funĀ 
colorful character. I made Tom and my sister their wedding rings when they got married a few years back.
Tom's hands have swelling issues. The band I made him was on the thick side. I volunteered to remake
a thinner band but he wanted this one. So instead I made a leather necklace out of it. He never takes it
Off and I like how it looks on him.

Do you have the same problem or know someone that does. I'd love to help by turning that ring into
another piece of jewelry that may solve your problem. If so, just shoot me an email.

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