Plants and jewelry are always a good idea


big artsy silver cross necklace with plant

Plants are wonderful and jewelry is fun self expression- especially my
big ole Livin' on a Prayer Cross necklace. I would welcome a new plant and 
new piece of jewlery any day!

I used to have a bedroom overflowing with plants when I was in high school.
Working for a florist contributed to that! I learned about them and they became 
my little pets almost. Indoor plants are really booming right now. Thats a good thing!
Plants improve the indoor air quality and are known for relieving stress and tension.
I thing they are just wonderful and make any room look more alive and dramatic.

And besides all that I've learned that plants male great jewelry props. I mean!
My cross necklace is hanging down enjoying those plant leaves.
I love spending time taking jewelry photos with all kinds of plants and flowers.
They both make life better!

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