Special milestone birthdays call for extra special jewelry




pink pearl gold coin necklace set on wood

  Some milestone birthdays we all look forward too. Turning 16
and getting your drivers license is one them. Lots of excitement revolves
around turning 21 and being able to  legally drink alcohol. It seems like after awhile we
celebrate being alive for another year but don't always like the age number attached
to said birthday! 
This necklace set was designed for someone turning 75 and she is not crazy
about that number. So to make her feel extra special and loved on this birthday
I was asked to design a piece that would make her feel fabulous and pretty. 
My theme was to incorporate some of her favorite things. The color pink, natural 
stones, crystals and a very special 22K gold coin from her brother.
natural stones. 

I love making pretty things let me know if you need something pretty too. Email for
me to get started on your own custom piece.


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