Words of love and bracelets

bracelets with loving words stacked on white trunk

Words DO matter! Remembering and seeing words that resonate with you 
bring up all kinds of emotions. Deep love, fond memories, hope
and hilarious laughter. I could go on and on. I designed
my You Are Loved bracelet so that you will feel very loved!
But you might have words that speak just to you.
So I offer that as an option. Meaning you can request
your own words to be used.

One of my customers losr her mother. Her Mother always signed everything
- love and prayers. So thats what she wanted on her bracelet. I would imagine
that everytime she puts this bracelet on and reads those words, she will feel her 
mothers love and prayers. What agreat feeling to keep with you all day long.

If you want your own words browse my
You are Loved bracelet to get the details

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