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Clay pot color inspiration for a purple necklace

purple gemstone cluster necklace on flower pot
Look around! Inspiration is everywhere if you keep your eyes peeled open.
Not sure what colors go together? While looking for good props to photograph my
purple gemstone cluster necklace I noticed how rich it looks againts this clay pot.
Can't you picture wearing those reddish-orange-brown-colors with this necklace?!! Imagine a jacket,
top, or blouse with this necklace and maybe something in cream as well?!

Also this necklace comes in brown or black leather.

A birthstone cluster necklace for February or lovers of purple!

handheld purple gemstone cluster necklace

Purples is such a poplular creative color. If you were lucky enought to be born in february
then this birthstone necklace belongs to you. 

If it's not your birth month but you are bat shit crazy about all things purple then of course, this
necklace belongs to you as well.

This casual amethyst gemstone cluster necklace is for casual styling. Amethyst comes in both dark and
lighter shades of purple. In this cluster the stones are all darker except for one little peek-a-boo lavender

For more details shop necklace here.

My favorite embroidered belt from Sundance Catalogue and layered purple necklaces

embroidered belt and purple gemstone necklaces

When it comes to embroidered flowers I'm in love! This belt from Sundance Catalogue is one
of my all time favorites. I've have it for years so I will say it is long lasting and holds up well. Those
warm wonderful colors make coordinating jewelry a lot of fun.

So any great colors would work with this belt. Greens, blues, purples, oranges and reds. I fell
in love with pairing my Amethyst Cluster necklace and Amethyst Collar necklace. They layer 
nicely together.

If you want to add some color to your wardrobe try a colorful belt and necklaces!

It's all in the details with a scarves & layered necklaces

female outside with knotted scarf & layered necklaces

Imagine this white tee shirt with no scarf or necklaces. Can you say boring?

Thats where the details apply. Just throwing a scarf around your neck and adding a necklace
or two - bring this top to life!

The scarf is paired with a light amethyst and dark amethyst gesmtone necklaces. The necklaces
layer nicely and compliment each other.

amethyst necklaces in brown handmade pottery

Wake up your wardrobe with amethyst necklaces that can be ordered with
brown or black leather cord.

For more info -

Shop the light amethyst collar necklace and/or

Shop the dark amethyst cluster necklace

Layered amethyst necklaces & a Sundance top

layered amethyst necklaces & a boho top

I love sundance catalogue and all their gorgeous colorful boho chic clothing. I find that busy prints are
easily balanced with jewelry that is NOT so busy. Solid colors and simple designs work well.

Just pick one color from that busy print for your jewelry and let it pop!

These two amethyst necklaces are just that. Simple design that doesn't overwhelm this colorful top.

Shop the light amethyst necklace here.

Shop the darker purple amethyst cluster necklace here.